Don't Let a Dead Tree Fall on Your Property

Rely on us for tree removal services in Troy, MI

There’s a tree in your yard that looks like it could fall any second. Instead of waiting for it to fall on its own and hoping there isn’t too much damage, hire Tree Pros LLC for tree removal services in Troy, MI. We’ll work quickly to protect your property and keep you safe.

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Check out our stump and tree removal services

When we’re done removing your trees, you’ll barely be able to recognize where the trees once were. You’ll find that we:

  • Rely on climbers and cranes to take down trees of all sizes.
  • Provide stump removal services once we’ve cut down trees.
  • We use the latest equipment to handle any size removals
  • We chip and haul all limbs and logs
  • We offer free wood chips upon request

Get in touch with us now for tree and stump removal services in Troy, MI.