Keep Your Trees in Excellent Condition

Keep Your Trees in Excellent Condition

Take advantage of our tree trimming services in Troy & Birmingham, MI

Have you noticed that your trees are starting to droop? That could be because your tree's branches are too heavy. Turn to Tree Pros for tree trimming services in Troy, MI. You can rely on us to keep your trees healthy and clean-cut.

We'll also remove dead branches. Our team can trim branches that are:

  • Growing into your home
  • Too close to your power lines
  • Blocking your signals

You'll be amazed at how much better your yard will look after your trees have been trimmed. Reach out now for more information about our tree trimming services.

Learn more about our tree debris removal services

Once we're done trimming your trees, we offer tree debris removal services to get rid of the branches. We can handle branches of all sizes. If the branches are too big, we can grind them into wood chips.

Call 313-204-5050 today to schedule tree debris removal services in Troy & Birmingham, MI.